Despite COVID-19 Roam has continued to supply Temporary works and construction support for the following:

CLA Dolphin upgrade project – Roam has worked with Austral Construction since 2018 on concepts, methodology and estimates for Rio Tinto. Austral was awarded the contract to install 20 new dolphins with access and demolition of existing dolphins late 2019. Roam has assisted Austral with advancing the Tekla model, reviewing detailers and adding multiple temporary works platforms for installation. Works are still continuing as Austral are now on site and awaiting steel delivery.

Shute Harbour – ROAM has assisted TAMS with a piling gate to drive multiple piles to refurbish the area of Shute Harbour after cyclone damage. ROAM has also assisted in barge layouts, crane studies and other construction support.

Gladstone new dolphin & access – ROAM assisted TAMS with methodology, temporary bracing of piles, reviewing piling gate and temporary works access to install a new dolphin and access from the existing Shell Berth.

Cairns wharf upgrade – ROAM assisted Austral construction with demolition, piling, construction support, soffit forms and temporary works

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